Working Groups

Identity & Privacy


Investigating the critical intersection between blockchain technologies, privacy, data integrity, and national security.



Exploring the use and legality of blockchain technology as a novel way of issuing and coordinating the transfer of cryptographic tokens, which may or may not qualify as securities under the law.

Regulation & Compliance


Investigating the place of blockchain technologies in existing policy frameworks, legal infrastructure and governance regimes.

Institutional Governance


Providing guidance on the use of smart contracts and distributed ledger technology in the context of corporate and institutional governance.

Blockchain Governance


Identifying ways to govern or regulate blockchain-based applications, in order to ensure their compliance with existing regulatory frameworks.

Smart Contracts


Exploring the interplay between law and technology in the context of smart contracts and distributed blockchain-based applications.

Distributed Autonomous Organisations


Exploring the challenges and opportunities provided by the emergence of new distributed organizational structures, generally referred to as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). 

Intellectual Property


Exploring ways in which blockchain technologies may support, complement, or supplement intellectual property. 

Blockchain Economics


Exploring the implications of cryptocurrencies on society, and the systemic risks they might trigger in the context of capital markets and national monetary policies. 



The decentralized space continues to grow rapidly, and we should facilitate the growth of a culture of healthy social and ethical norms that foster individual and collective responsibility.